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Using Django for Automation in DevOps

Django is a quick way to make automation via Jenkins and Ansible available within an App. Its great if you need something very custom and and still need an easy to use interface for regular users. Linuxacademy so far dipped into that topic once (in the Python 2.7 Development Mini course) but that was only one video with only about 10 minutes length. There is  A LOT more to django and there is not much documentation about it on the web at all. Maybe this is already included in the 'Python for SysAdmins' course thats starting next month. Anyways, it would be great if Linuxacademy would teach some django!

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  • Dec 17 2017
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    April 08, 2018 14:47

    When an idea is greyed out does that mean that Linuxacademy doesn't care about it? there are still 26 votes for it. Please at least tell us why you don't want to integrate it into a new Python course