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Automating AWS with Lambda, Python, snd Boto3 (Advanced)

AWS is all about automating as much as possible.  There are courses on Lambda and courses on Python but there's no content out there walking through different use cases using Python + boto3 with Lambda to automate AWS management.  How to parse JSON responses in Lambda using Python.  For instance, triggering a Lambda on an S3 405 error indicating a lost object to reproduce the object.  Using Lambda to clean up unattached EBS volumes.  Lambda to automatically update your S3 endpoint policy for only buckets in your account for security.  Lambda as a custom resource used by CloudFormation for a whole host of use cases. 


All of these are items Enterprises are asking for and a course giving the community the tools to see these end-to-end will get them thinking about how else they can automate AWS.  

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  • Nov 25 2017
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    01 Oct 06:36

    I'm happy to be the author as I do see value in this course.